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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
  The Weather Man And The Stock Market Speculator

A weatherman tries to predict if it is going to be sunny, cloudy, or snowing based on humidity levels, atmospheric pressures and satellite images. Unfortunately the weatherman is not always 100% correct. He can only make predictions based on the information he is given and his experience analyzing this data. Could you imagine making a 5-day weather prediction without any satellite images, atmospheric pressure readings or humidity levels? Do you agree that a weatherman without any data to analyze, or training how to analyze data would have a job for very long? Sure maybe he might make a few lucky guesses and predict the weather correctly for the first 3 days? But his lucky guessing will definitely run out, as well as his employment.

Speculating in the stock market should be considered the same as predicting the weather. We can’t make these decisions based on a single piece of data. You can’t just look at a price chart Satellite image) to make accurate decisions. Satellite images will show you where the storm is currently, and it will also tell you where the storm was in the past. The satellite image can’t tell you where the storm is headed. To predict the movement of the storm we need more information. Atmospheric pressure, the jet stream and the humidity levels will affect the future path of the storm. Analyzing a price chart (satellite image) alone will not make accurate predictions. We need more data like volume levels (Atmospheric pressure) the jet stream (Fundamentals) and humidity levels (Market internals-Futures, Tick and Trin). Assuming we have all this data, we still need to make decisions based on this information. How can we do this accurately? First we need to study what all this information is. How could you possible make an informed decision using the futures, the tick and the trin if we don’t know what these things are? The weatherman went to school for education, and so must a market speculator. A weatherman fresh out of school can make accurate predictions, but what makes a superior weatherman is one that has experience. After being a weatherman for a few years, he is used to analyzing data that doesn’t always follow the rules that he was taught in school. This master weatherman can make more accurate decisions based on experience, and he knows when to break the rules. Just like an educated market speculator, you can make accurate decisions, but to become elite and stand out from all the other players you need experience.

So where does The Sock Teacher Methodâ„¢ fit into all of this? We provide you with the education you need to analyze the data, as well as passing down all of our experience so that you can become a master trader and know when to break the rules. Generally our course provides you with over 4 years of market education and experience in a detailed step by step format. Learn how to trade futures, commodities, stocks in our complete course for active traders.

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